When I create a new post, I would like to be able to refer to some existing post (elsewhere, perhaps in a different thread), so the URL I will need to provide in my referring post is something like:


Since this is hardly user-friendly to find out or type in, I want to modify my templates so the user can get that href info quickly. For example, I could put a little anchor around every posts $post[foldericon] (default is to the left of the date/time posted info)

That way - at least in IE - a user can hover over the icon, right click, "copy shortcut" and paste the link into the referring post. E-Z.

In order to do that, I have to modify the postbits template around the foldericon. Something like this:

PHP Code:
...<a href="showthread.php?threadid=$threadid&amp;#post$post[postid]">$post[foldericon]</a$post[postdate]... 
My problem is that the $threadid variable seems to be empty during postbits construction, so I get


Notice the missing threadid value ("999").

1. what am I doing wrong or is there a workaround ?
2. am I completely braindead and there is already another way of referencing another post directly (with #relative href) from within a new post ?

Thanks !