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  • Holy jesus.
    I Can't believe I just read this whole post.
    I caused many laughs, thank you to all.

    I voted dbtg. I love the minimilistic layout, I wish I could have a layout like that.


    • Voted for
      Sorry if this disappoint some ppl.!


      • i vote for

        not only boz in arabic but also in the des is the best


        • I just want to state that it was becoming extremely fishy, no matter how you look at it.

          Pity that AlienSoup withdrew


          • Originally posted by alkahf
            Thank you DirectPixel
            very nice sites .
            by the way:
            This Forum very very nice
            and i voted for him last month !
            Best work!

            With Best regards
            Digikitten is not gonna get mentioned

            Wanna go extreme or electricfied?

            Go Static:
            Go Extreme: (vBotm July)


            • Just for Divided the glee into parts and the discipliner joy with all
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              الحمدُ للهِ الذي أنزلَ على عبدِهِ الكتابَ و لم يجعل لهُ عِوَجًا - سورة الكهف 1
              Winner - vB Board of the Month - March 2008
              Winner vB Board of Year 2005


              • AlienSoup of course.

                Grettings for 2dAlio, you have done a very good job. A pure Design.

                About vBulletinClub :
                vBulletin France was in the contest of March (or April...) and they lost. A few french people came on to vote but no more inscriptions, sorry...
                I think French community is a little bit smaller than the arabic community.
                Also, 5 months ago, no publicity had be done on the French WebSite. I can get wrong but if a lot of people come here for the first time to vote it's strange because that sounds publicity but you will stay on the right side about the rules on the first post.

                I wish the best design website wons. (


                • Small information

                  Small information about vBulletin club:

                  If any one take alook here :
                  will read Egnish Announcement Nr. 1
                  it is in Egnish lang: Definition of this Website.
                  and will have small idea about my site.
                  Untill now we have only 65 members + 4 .
                  Registeration with my forum not free.

                  Thank you
                  الحمدُ للهِ الذي أنزلَ على عبدِهِ الكتابَ و لم يجعل لهُ عِوَجًا - سورة الكهف 1
                  Winner - vB Board of the Month - March 2008
                  Winner vB Board of Year 2005


                  • I voted for Aliensoup


                    • I have voted on this poll to



                      • 1. - Nice and simple header and footer, buttons are a little hard to read though. The table border style is a nice touch, if not a bit cliche (but hell, it's so easy to do in vB3 ). Works perfectly in Mozilla. But there are what, 3-4 thousand art sites out now?

                        2. dbtg - Very nice header, buttons are looking good, a nice change from pixel font buttons used in most complete designs today. Page alignment is a bit off in Mozilla, otherwise fine. Unique topic, that's for sure.

                        3. DAB - Somewhat bland, could use a little more color, and it wouldn't hurt to add a few well-placed images to spice things up here and there. The effort itself is honorable (how long did it take you to modify every table to get that spacy border look? also, nice touch with the statistics at the top of each forum). Table border style is different in Mozilla (dare I say better). I like the sense of a tightly knit community there. (I got one of those myself )

                        4. vBulletin Club - Great effort has been put in this design, I can see. Excellent post bit. Unfortunately, extremely slow and CPU intensive. I refuse to be patient when I'm browsing a site The post bit is royally screwed in Mozilla, and some of the borders turn black. I can't really say anything about the community as I cannot read Arabic.

                        5. AlienSoup - Well holy crap, 60some+ images to load for each page. I would definitely not want to be on dialup when using that site Souped up (excuse the pun) header and post bit. It's quite trend-whorey (spikes and lines and other unnecessary fluff at the top and bottom of categories, way overusage of grids & gradients) but it is the best design here. And, surprise, surprise, it all works in Mozilla! I love the little touches that match with the theme of the site, like the "Abductees", "mothership omega", and "quertoks", and especially the "That does not compute" sound on no permission pages . It seems like you've got a good crowd there.

                        AlienSoup gets my vote.


                        • Comment deleted by poster


                          • sorry I find vbulletinclub to have far to much fluff. the flash header is a great little movie, but on my celeron 550 shes just not lovin it.. so as far as your site goes for speed there is just no way.

                            alien soup still looks fantastic, and rocks waay more of a message board feel. load time is just fine, and I find it much more user friendly.

                            sorry boys. you deserve the win, but you can't fight the voter numbers.
                            MSN: [email protected] | MAIL: [email protected] | FOLIO:


                            • Jeebus, now I see it...

                              I was constantly wondering, "why on EARTH are people saying that vbulletinclub looks fantastic? It looks like an amateur site!!" - and then I launched an IE window and tried the site in there. And thusly I suddenly saw everything the way the admin apparently thinks it looks like (which it only does in IE). In mozilla, the site looks VERY differently, and by far not "fantastic" anymore....

                              (and this just makes me glad I voted for AlienSoup ;p)


                              • I found only one problem with Alien Sup

                                On the top of the header, please see the screenie

                                PS : I work with "Safari explorer"
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