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    Well according to the votes here it seams i have a load of work in front of me to make our forum a bit more atractive. =(
    To bad.
    Pimp Daddy Croft Magazine


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      يا إلهي
      أيها الناس أرجوكم توقفوا عن التصويت للنادي
      هذا يكفي حتى الآن
      لا أريد الاستمرار في هذا السباق في هذا الطقس المريض
      الحمدُ للهِ الذي أنزلَ على عبدِهِ الكتابَ و لم يجعل لهُ عِوَجًا - سورة الكهف 1
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        Originally posted by alamuae

        php-nuke 6.7:

        All the best: arabic translate. templates. styles. and support
        the style is good but i see it the best of all styles here

        it get my vote

        so good luck to vbulletinclub in this vote

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          الكهف مهما كان الطقس مريض الحضارات هو العلاج انظر للتصويت

          hi there
          for my dear alkahf
          by goodwilling we will win

          2 care 2 share 2 alyaws BE There


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            Croft, the voting results don't mean anything. People join and become an active part of a community because of the content and atmosphere, not the looks. Yours looks great. This competition means nothing. It used to when it first started.
            Community matters, looks dont. My site is butt ugly, but, it has 400 online all the time. If looks mattered it would be dead.
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              AWS: In every contest, all you appear to post is how much you loath graphics (and in the rules, which I'm sure you've read you're supposed to give constructive suggestions etc. to be helpful which all you seem to want to point out on your personal mission is how heavy everything is with no helpful "meat" whatsoever) and vote for any 'out-of-the-box' design with barely any customization or time put into it whatsoever. While that's not *needed* for a successful site, and has nothing to do with great content I've noticed alot of boards have changed the colors and that's it and I hardly see any work put into it whatsoever except alot of advertising and luck.

              You also compared what was done during nomination period to the actual voting (one of our designers nominated us, that was hardly 'rallying' in any form) however in almost every contest either the creator or an admin nominates a board (and if this bothered you in some way, then you'll have to pull your vote on many a previous contest of those you voted for). I've never nominated my board (in 2-3 years of this contest) and was pleasantly surprised when someone did. The admins here at no time have ever rallied whatsoever, or asked to even be nominated quite frankly. Only a few friends of ours knew about the contest from off-board conversations with me and decided to vote in our favor and I thank them. I never did any icq/aim/emails/board/sig/etc. rallying at any time, and others have made posts on other sites about it.

              You also commented on how slow their site is in general terms in which you've used for mine. I assure you we not only load quicker, but use a significant amount of enhancements to speed things up as previously mentioned in this thread (some of it custom from programmers at including a well configured and tweaked dedicated server. I've noticed that my site loads faster for me on a cablemodem/t1/dsl faster than some sites here with absolutely no customization! (1.5-2.5 seconds). It is significantly faster than as well.

              You've also hinted that "the loudest are the same ones who buddied up". This is inaccurate. You'll noticed some significant voices on this forum (who also never voted for me such as DirectPixel, xiphoid, Attrox) believed this contest was suffering (let me know if you want examples cited), not just some buds of mine. Aside from Xelation and d2alio, I have no personal friendships or affiliations with anyone here who has voted for me and posted that they have done so. None.

              Lastly, you said above, "Community matters, looks dont. My site is butt ugly, but, it has 400 online all the time. If looks mattered it would be dead." To me that's untrue, if it's within your power to make a place look attractive in ADDITION to providing interesting conversations and caring about your membership etc it *does* matter and it shows something about the staff. Do you honesly think that if a site just added an attractive low-graphics header and footer with a nice flow and quick speed like 5-10k total (not all the crazy table work and all that I use) that the site's users wouldn't enjoy the site even MORE than they already might have (as long as it does not impact them)? Anyone opening up a business wouldn't want to open with a dilapitated storefront, or one that's identical to the neighbors. You do something even small (if it's within your power like I said) to make a good first impression (doesn't have to be heavy whatsoever like mine, I run other sites without heavyness) and look like you put some work into it. I think the best sites out there are 'happy-medium' sites that put some work into it, but that does not pain a dialup user whatsoever. I've seen very few examples of that in this thread (yes, including mine until my low-graphics skin is finished).

              Okay, I'm off my soapbox. You provide a great resource for your users (although I had a hard time not believing I was on and trying to "get back to your site" while reading a bit lol), and I wish you all the best. "Allah willing".
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              -Jason /

              "I think I've been quite clear that the new style will be in vB4." - Allen Lin / February 16, 2012


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                Here he admits a post in which was made to rally votes "irrespective of" who they vote for. Of course, it's posted on that site and people who are members will vote for it plain and simple as diplomatic as he tried to make it sound it's still rallying.


                Anyways, since things have gotten out of hand, has decided to withdraw from the contest so this thread can move forward with no ill will. We just believe it to be the right thing to do. We understand fully that there are 22 days left in this month's contest, but have decided that it's not worth the stress and continued downfall of this thread so I do it out of respect for my website, and's website and all those involved. Thank you for your understanding.

                Best wishes for all those remaining, and a special thank you all who have supported us by either voting for us, posting constructive comments, or being concerned overall about the integrity of the contest. It won't go unnoticed.

                -Jason /

                "I think I've been quite clear that the new style will be in vB4." - Allen Lin / February 16, 2012


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                  OK. Lets add a little constructive criticism. You site loads 32 graphics on the index alone. It took over 10 seconds to load on my T3. Break that down and it would take over 2 minutes to load on 56K, which BTW is what the majority of people still use to connect. How many people would wait around for a minute or more for a page to load?
                  Your index page is 176K. That's huge to load when experts believe that no page should be more than 10K for fast loading and to keep a user interested in the site.
                  Don't get me wrong I think your site and the rest of the heavy graphics sites that enter every month are nice looking, but, people just won't stick around to join the discussions.
                  I like your community. I enjoy reading the topics on your board. I'm not a member, just a lurker.
                  A small header and footer graphic does add to a site. Graphics for every table and a huge bg graphic don't do anything except slow a page down and drive away guests.
                  Take a look at the 1 million posts thread and show me one site that has a huge amount of graphics. All of them load very fast and most are just color changes from the default vb style with small header graphics. There is a reason why they have millions of posts. They load fast and users stick around.

                  Every month I participate by voting in the competition. I view every site. I vote for the site that snaps up in my browser and appeals to my eye. Every month there is at least one site like Looks great and loads fast. Unfortunately they get no votes other than mine. The reason for this is because everyone looks at the eyecandy.
                  Maybe it's time to have 2 board of the months contests. One for the designers to nominate the sites they did and one for the sites that offer a great community with a good low graphic design.
                  Better yet lets have a board of the month which focuses on community atmoshere and general look and feel of a site and another called design of the month that focus on the heavy graphics sites. When you put the 2 together the eyecandy site will beat out a great community every time. This IMO is an injustice.
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                    Might want to check that path (or that t3 lol).

                    I just cleared cache, rebooted (just for the heck of it) and went to the forums index page (our heaviest size wise).. It loaded everything from scratch in under 3 seconds on a cablemodem (and two clicks of refresh in IE after another cache clear yielded 2.5). While I agree with you that trimming can certainly be made of course and will keep it all in mind as we venture into the future.

                    The idea about the contests isn't half bad, since I think heavily customized and graphic-heavy forums against sites that may have 10 times more content but nothing customized whatsoever has always been an odd things that existed in the contests.

                    Some are not going for millions of posts or running specific sites as 'businesses' and already have a decent following that makes site owners happy. While an 'expert' might point out what an ideal load speed might be, that does not nessessarily adhere to every website or audience. Again I have to point out, and I'm sure you will agree, some people like such sites and some people don't. That's why our website was to contain 3 skins: 1 heavy, 1 medium, and 1 light. While it would probably have been preferrable to launch the medium first of course, it didn't quite turn out that way but we'll offer a choice to our audience as quickly as we can because we've always cared and included them in our decisions.

                    Thanks for the feedback!
                    -Jason /

                    "I think I've been quite clear that the new style will be in vB4." - Allen Lin / February 16, 2012


                    • Hello all ...
                      With respect to me I don't deny mature design vbulleinclub is slow and this is absolutely which contradicts each other flow whose determination is controlling device ..
                      They chewed the sought aim maybe will acquit this tardiness ..
                      I had worked hard and my group two perfect months in the carrying out to find out this form ...
                      I said to them literally : I want the astonishment ..
                      I want a fatigue he appeared to enter my site that he commands it the astonishment he feels the enjoyment of the life in the pressing of the Nile civilization.
                      They said : It will be slow.
                      I said : Never mind , important I want the sought goal fulfillment.
                      Maybe one day I'll show the many experiments in my site which did it while its work is gathered before the arrival to this last result , you will laugh perhaps , and every one will know why it was necessary fester two perfect months for the going out by this result which articulates fully.

                      My greetings
                      الحمدُ للهِ الذي أنزلَ على عبدِهِ الكتابَ و لم يجعل لهُ عِوَجًا - سورة الكهف 1
                      Winner - vB Board of the Month - March 2008
                      Winner vB Board of Year 2005


                      • I voted for (and i'm not arabic )


                        • I have always supported the idea of restricting voting privileges to members who have been registered for a minimum number of months. Maybe it's time to consider such a move.


                          • Originally posted by orozery
                            I voted for (and i'm not arabic )
                            thanx orozery for vote and that what we want for vote

                            JUST VOTE FOR THE BEST

                            and i really like the BUt Is Not Better Than

                            with love


                            • - BAH! my eyes! My EYes!!!! I cannot ever seeeeee! Its a bit bright and..WOW in ya face to be honet.

                     - aaah. I'm cured. Nice work!


                              • Alslam allakum

                                Hi every one

                                I voted for vbulletinclub I’ve the Egyptian style .

                                Any way good luck for everyone .

                                Privet massage to : Xelation please try to get some heart attack tablets we don’t want to lose you or just imagine that vbulletinclub is not an Arabic Forum and was designed by an Arabic designer .

                                Alkahf as we know in the Arabic Internet world that you are the best Arabic designer. And by getting this award you’ll be the best designer in all of the world.

                                Congratulation Emad Alkahf

                                I'm the illogicalX


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