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  • alamuae
    Would you show us any site of your design ?? don’t forget these designs are one man job and I didn’t show all of his designs..
    in Arabic countries we had a lot such as alkah and more professional designer .
    back to my word I request more respect to arab people same as we do to you
    My last word, the real man who proud of his work not his father job, means show us your designs

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  • alkahf
    Thank you DirectPixel
    very nice sites .
    by the way:
    This Forum very very nice
    and i voted for him last month !
    Best work!

    With Best regards

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  • DirectPixel
    Don't forget:

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  • alamuae
    Firstly I would like to say that arab are cultural society
    who had a lot of people with special taste in their manner
    For the Vbulletion club..
    it consider the Arabic club whose give a lot in developing
    forum program and technical support for Arab people.
    That in my opinion consider an encyclopedia and meeting
    place for all programmers and Arabic developers who learned
    a lot form his experience which make us proud of him.

    I thought the mother company will support such club instead of
    the war which done here since we are customers in vbulletion such
    other countries which used the program.
    I though you are developed people, so why is this racial!!!
    Or that all gone with a little contact with Arabs!!!
    Or you consider your self as angels and we are the devils!!!

    Taking in consider that the club don't service
    people who didn't register in Mother Company.
    That's make alkahf very respect man
    who don't plan for self-interest or money.
    Actually I had a question not
    for your self but for all admin stuff,
    is it the time comes to have special Arabic club such as
    other nationality or arab people has no right!!!
    Returning to the subject, you mention that the
    voting process comes as quote and if you little
    think about it you will figure out the
    reason that some Arabic customer are not very
    good in English language and they are not shame
    of it , because if they are , then you should be shame
    too that you don't speak my language and you return
    to translator to understand
    For alkahf design, you will get very surprised
    if I collect them all and show it to you because
    of its perfection and suitable design for different
    choices , all that is one man work so just learn
    how to speak and gives each one his right respectability.
    Here are some samples of alkahf designs:

    A word for Xelation, I will show you a
    simple design just with two colors and
    little hours consumption for one of alkahf student,
    to know what the vbulletoin club gives us of basic
    skills and tutorials to improve our knowledge of the program.
    we didn't find the appropriate
    support of Mother Company such other countries and languages.
    Hmmm, hope one day we had more support and treatment
    such other nationality.

    Lastly, I would like to thank alkahf and say keep
    going successfully we are all in thanks for you
    after Gad for what we learned of you.
    Last edited by alamuae; Sun 10 Aug '03, 11:36am.

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  • alkahf
    Thanks illogicalX
    Frankly I notice that you are an exaggeration many , perhaps you want a raising only ideal .
    You have the thanks ..
    If we threw a look by way of the examples:

    AND Mooooooooooooore

    You will understand that I am in the beginning of the way.

    My greetings

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  • Dpcows
    Alkahf as we know in the Arabic Internet world that you are the best Arabic designer. And by getting this award you’ll be the best designer in all of the world.

    What a lame coment, best designer of the world.

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  • Xelation
    I'm not saying anything anymore, I'm just stating that its so obvious that all the arabics are voting for vbulletinclub only because its also arabic... every person that said the same thing all have arabic sites, it just seems to unfair to me just because its arabic. I once again think vbulletin club is rallying votes to. Seeing that aliensoup backed down anyways, its not worth it for me to fight any longer because now you are the obvious winner, because vbulletinclub *cough* cheated *cough*....

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  • uae2k
    My vote for vbulletin club without looking on it

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  • XPlus
    i voted to vbulletin club

    if some have objection, talk now

    or shut up

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  • illogicalX
    Alslam allakum

    Hi every one

    I voted for vbulletinclub I’ve the Egyptian style .

    Any way good luck for everyone .

    Privet massage to : Xelation please try to get some heart attack tablets we don’t want to lose you or just imagine that vbulletinclub is not an Arabic Forum and was designed by an Arabic designer .

    Alkahf as we know in the Arabic Internet world that you are the best Arabic designer. And by getting this award you’ll be the best designer in all of the world.

    Congratulation Emad Alkahf


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  • M4g!k
    replied - BAH! my eyes! My EYes!!!! I cannot ever seeeeee! Its a bit bright and..WOW in ya face to be honet. - aaah. I'm cured. Nice work!

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  • greatxp
    Originally posted by orozery
    I voted for (and i'm not arabic )
    thanx orozery for vote and that what we want for vote


    and i really like the BUt Is Not Better Than

    with love

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  • Arkham
    I have always supported the idea of restricting voting privileges to members who have been registered for a minimum number of months. Maybe it's time to consider such a move.

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  • orozery
    I voted for (and i'm not arabic )

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  • alkahf
    Hello all ...
    With respect to me I don't deny mature design vbulleinclub is slow and this is absolutely which contradicts each other flow whose determination is controlling device ..
    They chewed the sought aim maybe will acquit this tardiness ..
    I had worked hard and my group two perfect months in the carrying out to find out this form ...
    I said to them literally : I want the astonishment ..
    I want a fatigue he appeared to enter my site that he commands it the astonishment he feels the enjoyment of the life in the pressing of the Nile civilization.
    They said : It will be slow.
    I said : Never mind , important I want the sought goal fulfillment.
    Maybe one day I'll show the many experiments in my site which did it while its work is gathered before the arrival to this last result , you will laugh perhaps , and every one will know why it was necessary fester two perfect months for the going out by this result which articulates fully.

    My greetings

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