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French Style for vB3 Beta 4 now available

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  • Corbu
    Translation is now available for beta5.

    Xml language file will be ready aproximatly on the 5th september.

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  • Sophocle
    Originally posted by xiphoid
    [...] do I need to be a member of your web site before I can download it ?
    The translation downloading is not completely free. The members must accept a license agreement in order to download french style. It's the reason why everybody can see the translation thread but only logged in users can download files.

    Currently, we haven't translated our license agreement and I prefer submiting this agreement to french laws for copyright protection (english author protection is different from french author protection).
    We also want a visit from the people who profit from our work
    We try to solve french community troubles with vbulletin and it's easier for french people to ask questions in a french forum.
    Last argument : we want to control how and where the file can be downloaded, to protect Jelsoft rights and our rights too. The less copies of the file are available, the best control we have.

    I would like to tell something about the warez. vbulletin-fr doesn't support piracy. We try to eliminate all "warez" hacks (hide IP...) and to ban and report users who show an illegal version of vbulletin. We would be very pleased to control customer ids but there is no good technical solution available. Our forum is open but we have active moderators. We've been working hard for 6 months to stop "warez" and would be happy to have a good verification tool.

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  • Floris
    Ah I understand, yeah. Good idea to have it linked remotely, do I need to be a member of your web site before I can download it ?

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  • Lumina
    What I believe...

    It is like this so people can :
    - read copyrights notices.
    - read a description of the team.
    - read more informations about what can't be translated.
    - add the site to their favorites for future upgrades.

    But I'll ask Sophocle, and maybee we will see. After this presentation I might be able to translate the copyrights too.

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  • Floris
    Why isn't the translation linked? So users can download it from this site?

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  • Corbu
    started a topic French Style for vB3 Beta 4 now available

    French Style for vB3 Beta 4 now available

    *Black color: English
    *Couleur bleue : Français
    Greetings ladies and gentlemen !
    Bienvenue mesdames, mesdemoiselles et messieurs !

    vBulletin France offers you the first fully translated French version of vB 3.0.0 Beta 4's Style.
    vBulletin France vous propose la première version française entièrement traduite du Style pour vB 3.0.0 Beta 4.
    It is version #1, available here:
    C'est la version #1, revue et corrigée, disponible ici :

    Specificities and features:
    Particularités :
    - fully translated / traduction complète
    - no spelling mistakes /pas de fautes d'orthographe
    - Jelsoft's typos fixed / erreurs typographiques de Jelsoft corrigées
    - no design customizations / pas de personnalisations graphiques
    The language file will soon be available too, but we may wait until Beta 5.
    Le fichier linguistique sera aussi bientôt disponible, mais nous attendrons peut-être l'arrivée de la Beta 5.

    Translated by:
    La traduction est réalisée par :
    Corbu, Sophocle, Lumina.

    It is not an official translation, but a full support is available at vB France.

    Ce n'est pas une traduction officielle, mais un support complet vous est offert sur vB France.

    Kind regards,
    vBulletin France staff
    Last edited by Corbu; Thu 24 Jul '03, 9:51pm.

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