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[vB3] 'Improved' Tachy Goes to Coventry

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  • [vB3] 'Improved' Tachy Goes to Coventry

    Improved depending on your preference. Mine is that these peoples' posts be completely invisible to anyone with no permission to see what they're saying...that way, there won't be any wondering or "Why has the administrator decided that xxxx should be quiet?" etc threads that might spoil things.

    Just open up the postbit template postbit_ignore_global and replace it with this:
    <if condition="can_moderate($forum['forumid'])">
    <tr valign="top">
    <td class="$bgclass" width="175" nowrap="nowrap"$scrolltothis>
    <a name="post$post[postid]"></a> $post[firstnewinsert]
    <b>$post[musername]</b><br />
    <span class="smallfont">$onlinestatus $post[foldericon] $post[postdate] <span class="time">$post[posttime]</span></span>
    <td class="$bgclass" width="100%">
    (The administrator has decided that $post[username] should be quiet for a while.)<br />
    [<a href="showpost.php?$session[sessionurl]postcount=$post[postcount]&postid=$post[postid]#$post[postid]" onclick="return openWindow('showpost.php?$session[sessionurl]postcount=$post[postcount]&amp;postid=$post[postid]');">View Post</a>]
    (Moderators only)
    For the threaded mode global ignore template, just do the same: add the <if condition="can_moderate($forum['forumid'])"> statement to the beginning and the closing </if> at the end.

    If you have permission to view ("can moderate forum"), you see the post and the ignore notice. If you don't have permission to view, you see no posts by Tachys at all. (Threads by Tachys already don't show up to no perm people.)

    And that's it.
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    This is a great mod because people who see the link to read the message are probably going to click on it anyway. I like it better where people never know there was a post to beginwith... This is cool... It would be nice to have as an option one day...
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      is it possible where ignored users (Tachy Coventry or not) do not show up AT ALL on showthread?


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        Originally posted by Fazle
        is it possible where ignored users (Tachy Coventry or not) do not show up AT ALL on showthread?
        Yes, replace the above template with a blank one...


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          thanks.....I went ahead and blanked out both global ignore and postbit_ignore


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            Actually, I would like all of my registered-users to be able see the "sent to Conventry" message. I really like how this feature replaces the users post with "The administrator has decided that USER should be quiet for a while." I only wish that I could allow all of my registered users to see this message. Maybe there is a way to do this with permissions? I looked around, but couldn't find anything that applied to the Coventry option.


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