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  • My First Style Design

    Became a member this past week and have spent the past 3 days working on this design. I needed it to match my website (that is still under development).

    So please have a look and tell me what you think.


    Just in case you don't want to click on the WWW button below... (been having problems with the DNS so if it doesn't work try the following) for the website itself to see the page layout itself. for the forums...

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    For a first tryout you did some very nice work there. Congratulations on your new asset (design/style wise and forum software wise).

    One thing that always annoys me on web sites is their header. Your header also takes up almost 1/3 of my screen (1024x resolution) It really shows nothing that I want to read. That is my only down side to your site. Don't take it personal, since it is a personal preference of mine.

    Looking good! Especially for a first week of vBulletin-ing.


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      Tis very nice for your first go. Criticism:

      - your curves in places are a bit jagged
      - On the nav buttons and the sideblock header bits the gradient behind the text which i guess is meant to look liquidy is a bit too sharp. You might want to smoothen that out and it will look nicer
      - I don't like that flashing after clicking on the nav buttons at all
      - You have times new roman fonts in your module boxes on the homepage.

      Other than this - its a nice design. Good job!

      - miSt
      Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


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        Thanks for the comments.

        xiphoid - Unfortunately when I design a website, I design it at with my monitors resolution at 1280x1024. This tends to be a problem sometimes since most peoples resolution is at 800x600 or 1024x768...

        So I gues you could say it's designed for 1024x768 but best viewed at 1280x1024. lol

        mist - which curves? At 1280x1024 the curves look fine. As are as the nav buttons go, you can only do so much with small images. However, I will look into smoothing those out some.

        Ah, my blinkit buttons. Come on now.. you don't like those. lol... Me either. I was just testing out some coding and I really don't like it much myself. I will be removing that flashing soon.

        As for the Times New Roman font, I will be switching to Verdana soon.

        Thanks again for your comments.



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          Nice to see someone taking criticism constructively. I look forward to seeing your improvements !

          - miSt
          Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


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            working on a redesign as we speak. I've scaled the header from 205 height to almost just a little over 100 height... Will have something tomorrow for yall to look at...


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