I have configured my forum to be 747 pixels wide and my HTML template I used contains a table which is 757 pixels wide. The extra 10 pixels gives the white space on the left side as you will see on the home page: http://www.humanbeatbox.com/forum

The problem is that when viewing threads the white space on the left becomes 20 pixels wide and the forum seems to shrink to 727 pixels wide like you can see here: http://www.humanbeatbox.com/forum/s...p?threadid=3512

I've done my best to work out the problem, and I've tried lots of different things with the Style options but no luck.

Can you work out what is wrong?


PS. Sorry to those who don't like cross posting but it really didn't look as though anybody was gonna reply in the troubleshooting forum, but I really need to work this problem out!