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Help! Deleted "Default" Template

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  • Help! Deleted "Default" Template

    ..And now I can't make the main page look the way I want it to look! I had graphics and all, which I wrote into the 'default' but somehow deleted them.

    Is there a way of restoring the 'default' template so that I can modify the main forum page? Or am I now stuck with the same main page forever? It looks awful.. (to me anyway, considering that all the other forums are cutesy!)


    the board is here: and click the "testtest" to see the design i HAD on the main page at one time!
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    Since you have vBulletin 2.2.7, you could upgrade to 2.2.8 or 2.2.9 RC to get all the templates showing up again. I think what you mean to describe is that since new version of PHP the templates are not showing up correctly in the back-end.

    If I am wrong. Please explain in a bit more detail what might have happened or what you actually did that made the templates suddenly disappear. Because 'I wrote into the default' - Doesn't sound so clear to me.

    You could check out more about newer versions of PHP and vBulletin errors in this announcement:


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