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Nominate your favorite board for vBBotM - December!

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    Originally posted by Paul J
    I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen some board win that has like 100 total threads...beating out a board that's been around for a long time with dozens upon dozens of active users, a respected "web presence", a respected group of core community members etc etc.

    Out voted because the majority of people are either yaxay sockpuppets or people unable to see past a few heavy graphics.
    Sounds like someone needs to have his memory refreshed a tiny bit... please:

    Last board that won with a c-pr0mpt design is yaXay, about half a year ago. A board with well over "100 threads". A board with close to 150,000 posts last time I checked.
    After that we have Macfora (January 2002) and c-pr0mpt Forums (over a year ago).
    1 ... 2 ... 3. I'm surprised you've lost count.

    Now, if you're against pretty boards with no content, that's cool. I actually agree with you on that. But instead of ranting every month about yaXay and Ravio "sockpuppets" try making some valid points so others will understand what it is you're fighting against and why. So far all I can find in your posts is a personal crusade against Corey, for whatever personal reasons you have - I could care less.

    Get over yourself.

    Chen Avinadav
    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

    גם אני מאוכזב מסיקור תחרות לתור מוטור של NRG הרשת ע"י מעריב


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      If none of the points I've made make any sense to you, then you might need to have your comprehension skills refreshed.

      Isn't he one of your moderators? Huh? Objectivity? Gone? Yeah.

      It has nothing to do with "Corey". I've said many times I wish that I had his ability. Of course, I'm sure that was just overlooked...selective reading ya know? It has everything to do with his customers that think because they've bought their board's design they are better than anyone else.

      Anyway, open your eyes and take a look around...the past few months have been nothing but these yaxio drones.
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        Sorry, no. What you're saying doesn't make any sense whatsoever, it all sounds like one, long, neverending whine to me.

        Originally posted by Paul J
        Look at this month's page into it and they are all crying and making the accusations.

        Notice they stopped once their boards got more "votes"...
        What thread exactly are you referring to? In both this and the current voting thread I see no posts about this whole subject... at least not until you stepped in with your everlasting wits.

        Chen Avinadav
        Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

        גם אני מאוכזב מסיקור תחרות לתור מוטור של NRG הרשת ע"י מעריב


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          Originally posted by Chen

          What thread exactly are you referring to? In both this and the current voting thread I see no posts about this whole subject...
          Read the thread again. Repeat as often as necessary until you see it. It might take a few times, but don't worry...keep trying.


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            Hey guys,this thread is called "Nominate your favorite board for vBBotM".

            However i don't see a lot of nominating taking place.
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              I second


              I especially like the custom welcome panel with arrows to other info and news, and the postbit.


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                Once again this well-intentioned idea degenerates into petty bickering and insults. If it were solely up to me, I would close this thread and discontiune this 'contest'.
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                  I know exactly what you mean. TBH I couldn't really care less if I won the current comp I'm entered into or not. To me, it's just a bit of fun.

                  Paul, I payed to have my design done because I'm not very good at design. I've tried but I don't seem to be able to get the hang of it. When I bought the games-guru design from Corey, it was an already part-done style. At the time, it was a little different to most board designs and it fitted a gaming site well. I know exactly why you seem to have it in for Corey and his designs and I don't think it's fair that you're putting other people down because of your disputes against Corey. If you don't like a board by Ravio for some reason, fine, but it would be nice if you judged it over content/design whatever instead of who it was done by.

                  Please everyone stop the arguing. It's ruining something that's supposed to be a bit of fun.

                  Oh and I'll second Fillbut's board. Very nice choice of colours. I find it relaxing to the eye and it seems to be a friendly community. Good work


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                    Again, it has nothing to do with the designer.

                    Clear enough yet?


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                      nice design


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                        Oh I'd also like to nominate

                        I really like the template modifications and the colours on this one. It is very pleasing and relaxing to the eye and is very clean cut. Whilst the community isn't very big the people there are nice and friendly.


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                          I nominate every body and every board on the world, even

                          Ok, having said that.

                          I was so happy to see novembers voting thread to go without fighting, I thought we were finally there, but it got screwed up in this thread again. Hope the voting in december doesn't have this quality..

                          I nominate http://nobody
                          and I second http://nobody

                          Because it seems that those who vote, only seem to care about the design, rather then the use of vBulletin, the integration and the quality of the content/community. Ofcourse, design is a good point. But it seems it is the only point here.

                          I will see who gets into the list of 5 for december and check the sites out, and vote on the one I prefer the most.

                          Good luck to everybody.


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                            I would like to nominate my new paintball forum that just opened.


                            I am nominating this board to get the boards name known so I can build the paintball community (or help at least)

                            FYI, the board just opened tonight so yes the user base is small and there isnt much content yet. However, if this gets into another "ghost board" argument I WILL withdraw my nomination because I dont want to be a part of all the constant bickering that has gone on in this thread.


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                              I would like to nominate my forum for the first time


                              its very small and no one posts, but im hoping to get it populated when i finish my website, (friend working on the CMS)

                              I doubt anyone would second it but its worth a try since in my opinion it will become a great community in due time
                              Running vB since 4-14-2002


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                                nice lookin' board cyron
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