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What do you think of my vB?

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  • What do you think of my vB?

    Looking at the Nomines for November, I thought I wanted to finish my Board till December, to take part in the competition. Therefor I want you critisize my Board, which is located at

    I'm thankful for any votes or best, detailed critics.

    Addition: to get into the forums, select "foren" in header.
    Yeah, this Board rulez!
    I really do like your Forums.
    Well, quite nice, but I saw better than that...
    Sorry, but you Forum suxx!
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    72 people visited this thread, but only 4 Votes and no comments?


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      Maybe because the links occassionally fail. I had to try several times today and yesterday to get a connection, to both your forums. link and your WWW link.

      I don't think your poll options are sufficiently varied. I.E. either we think your board "RULEZ!!", we "Really Like it" or it's "quite nice", all of which are too similar in their emphasis of how good it is. There's no "no opinion" or "It's average" for the median votes.

      I picked "quite nice" not because I thought so but because the rest of the choice was the most accurate, "I've seen better".

      To begin with, it's fixed-width is way too wide. And I'm on 1280x1024 with a good-size browser window. I shouldn't have to scroll sideways. 978 is far too wide for a header. You could achieve the same look with better html and graphic editing. Also, the header colours clash with the rest of your forum.

      The overuse of glowing text somewhat cheapens the look of your pages.

      Some of the sigs (ie an Administrator's) are juvenile and may be offensive "killing gays old school style" - they certainly don't help the general impression of your site. It reminds me of a German version of eScrew's forums

      The colours are well balanced, with good contrast, and the buttons are average but serviceable. You have a good variety of styles, but there's nothing unique about the layout or overall design of the site.

      Overall, "Average".


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        I like the left side of your top header.

        EDIT : I knew I recongized that image.. thats taken from "art of greg martin" .. the image is called cataclism if I remember correctly.
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          Thx for the critics, now I know where to work more on


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