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  • Style tutorials etc?


    I am setting up my forums from 0 and i want to do it right this time.
    I want to have some awesome style and i want to do it by myself (i know... wicked guy :P ).
    While surfing around sites like or i am wondering how to do something similar... I mean with the template changes etc.

    Is there any tutorials or something that will help me to become owner of beauthiful style?

    One more thing... tutorials with photoshop tips would be appreciated because i'm a photoshop lame (i don't want photoshop tutorials because i've seen plenty of them but tutorial for vB)


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    few sites to throw into ur bookmarks..

    thats all u need
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      Thx for reply but i was there before and:

      On pixeljunction tutorials about customizing styles is available only for contributors.
      On the other two i searched for tutorials and i found noothing close to it :/
      Maybe i searched wrong... if so... please tell me and i will search more


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        *sigh* you might as well just search for web design tutorials in general, even though you won't find something for a garantueed good result, that's something that largely depends on yourself. The only big difference is that templates carry variables. All you have to do is take a good look at your current templates to know which stands for what. Also, the manual is a big help.

        btw (and this is more of a general note then one directed at you
        ), people seem to hung up on tutorials. Let's get one thing straight: tutorials are guides that will make you farmiliar with the tools of a particular program. They're not formula's for making stuff, just guides. In other words, experiment with programs, look at other people's work (but don't steal from it ofcourse) and learn from that.
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          Thx for the info

          I just thought that there are some tutorial that... exactly! will help me to understand the code etc. I don't want a recipe for a style!


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