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Making my own template...

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  • Making my own template...

    I made my own custom template...

    my plan is to have images linking to specific categories...kinda like the 2d, 3d galleries, and such.

    I plan to make the forumdisplays for each category 0 so they dont show up twice.

    Anyways...i made this template and i want to call it in the forumhome template...right before all the forum displays start...

    i called the template displaybox

    so in the forumhome template I put

    "$displaybox" hoping it would call the template and everything would work fine.

    But the template doesnt show do I call a custom template i make in another template?


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    ok, no one can answer this question? This should be pretty simple.
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      Define the variable in the php includes template. Just using the variable doesnt work because the php doesnt know what it means.


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        Ok great how would i declare it? I just want it to be a template, nothing special...just a little html. Do i like have to use functions or somethin? If you could just give me some quick syntax, like an example or something...of how to declare a simple html template, that would help me out alot!


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          this is the way that I did it.

          in the phpinclude template

          $GLOBALS['yourhtmltemplate'] = gettemplate('yourhtmltemplate');

          and then in your header template (or whichever template you want to place it in) put this


          wherever you want it to go.

          I did that on my board and it placed the template right in there.

          this may not be the best way to do it, or it may be the best way to do it. I don't know. all I know is that this is the way I ended up doing it after spending a little while trying to figure it out. and it should work fine for you too.
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