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Problem with my site when adding to Favorites!

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  • Problem with my site when adding to Favorites!

    This is very weird.

    I'm having this issue with IE.

    In IE when you click on Favorites, then click any letter key on your keyboard it will jump to the site that starts with that letter.

    However, for some weird reason when I add my site to my favorites, and I hit 'J' or 'j' it doesn't jump to my site. My sites title starts with a J.

    Can someone tell me what's wrong here?


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    not sure, but my IE has been doing all kinds of strange things lately

    run time errors, closing for no reason, etc..

    they must be making IE 7 or something


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      I realized that the problem was because I had an & symbole in the middle of my title tag. For some reason IE didn't like that and didn't jump to that favorite site at all.

      Try bookmarking which has an & sign in the title. You'll see in won't jump when you hit 'B'. But now it will jump to my site when you hit 'J'.

      Interesting, huh?


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