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Nominate your favorite board for vBBotM - September

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    Originally posted by MALIGNO
    i think the least someone could do is warn you if there is going to be a p0rn banner or content on their site.

    luckily i'm at home sick today (christ, that sounds odd)... otherwise i'd have been opening up that page at my office.
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      I second CGshock.

      I nominate


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        i nominate


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          hehe I would nominate my site now, but it's currently going under construction for a HEAVY and very nice redesign that should launch mid next week. So if i could reserve a spot for it now I will..

          it's (this is the old design) design will be up mid next week)
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            I second


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              I'd like to nominate 411hype...


              the community is fairly large with many users online most of the time...most importantly..they got an excellent design. The whole site is running off of vbulletin...
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                I Second:

                I like both designs and both boards are nicely laid out, good luck to you both .

                @Scott: How about adding a new rule for next month; No adult material can be displayed publically on the board and if it must be displayed, it be locked down to registered users only. I do not personally find it offensive with the banner, although many probably do and even at that, I would rather not see that type of thing when I am viewing a board.

                If this is not enforced, how about at least making a warning or notice mandatory?


                - SaintDog


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                  DirectPixel is very nice... I would third it if there was such a thing.


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                    Since most boards have the same template hacks etc applied as on my own site and on many other sites, or just are another corey design, I'll nominate myself though I know it will not make it . and i want to second the forum with the pr0n banner.


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                      ummm, I nominate, oh did I mention we moved to a new speedy server?? yay
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                        Originally posted by Sinecure
                        ummm, I nominate, oh did I mention we moved to a new speedy server?? yay
                        PJ won lat novemeber. A board can NOT be nominated for an award for a YEAR after it won.


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                          My vote - Ill board, Kool owner, Nice emcee's.


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                            Since it's been a while since I nominated my board...

                            I nominate the Couch:


                            And I second

                            Why I nominate my own board? 's easy, it was in the running once (for May) when it was still the Old Couch, with a much less nice design and far less hacks and unique features. It came in third IIRC, and now, with the hugely improved Couch (and soon, it'll have a dozen of completely unique features / vB hacks that I'm currently working on), I would love to see how it goes, again.

                            And a little bit of bragging, of course: the Couch (the vB itself) performs as the backbone of my entire network of sites. The content of my wallpaper site, portfolio site, front page and SigPic Inc. site, are all taken from the Couch's hugely added-to database. And the User System is used all over the place, too ^_^

                            (and this will be even way way more the case with KF*N v.5, later this year. ^_^)



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                              I nominate
                              ~Being Designed~


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                                Originally posted by SpotMe
                                I nominate
                                hmm... I don't know if it's just me, but the graphic elements on that site have lots of contrast in skills.

                                The UI elements look wonderful, but there is shoddy vB template coding, and the logo doesn't even compare to the other graphics.



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