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  • FrontPage meets vBulletin...

    I am attempting to install a custom logo -- the header from my web site -- to my new vB forum.

    How do I upload my header.htm file to the vB images file via FrontPage. So far, IT"S DRIVING ME CRAZY!

    Any help, or a bullet to the head, would be appreciated!

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    I'm not sure if you can do that with Frontpage... Wouldn't it be easier to just edit the header under "Styles >> Modify >> [fonts/colors/etc.] >> Header?"


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      By the way, for future reference, you shouldn't crosspost .


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        Your header is a template, not an HTML file on your server, so you can't replace it. You could include your header.htm file in vBulletin's header (not a good idea), or you could just copy and paste the source code of header.html into your "Header" field (with the instructions BillaBong pointed out).


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          you could just copy and paste the source code of header.html into your "Header" field
          OK, so as I imagine it, I would be copying a few passages of HTML into vBulletin's very different language coding -- that doesn't seem like it would work. What am I missing here?

          I've become fairly adept at inserting code. How do I access the "header" field in vB without using FrontPage? (I'm obviously a FrontPage baby!)


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            No, it's all HTML, FrontPage just adds a bunch of ugly and uneccessary tags. Here's what you should do...

            1. Locate your header.htm file (or whatever you called it) on your computer, open it in FP or Notepad, and copy all the HTML in that file onto your clipboard.

            2. Go to your vB's AdminCP, look for the "Modify" link under the "Styles" section on the left. Click on "[fonts/colors/etc.]" next to the style you're using (probably "Default"), and look at the top "Templates" table. Then look for one of the text boxes that says "Header: Code that is placed just after the <body> tag". You can now paste your contents of header.htm that you have on your clipboard into that form. Just make sure that you don't edit the code below the "<!-- content table -->" that's already in the default header.

            Just play around with that and I'm sure you'll get the results your looking for. And don't worry about messing up - just click on "view default template" and you can return things back to normal.


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              YOU SO ROCK LanciaStratos!!!

              (and your car's pretty cool too!)


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                Glad I could help!