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    I opened my website two days ago .. just felt like sharing it with you .. it is fully integrated.. php mysql.. tell me what you think...

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    have to say that it looks brilliant. I am very impressed by it
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      Looks pretty nice.....but I can tell you have designed it for a 1024 x 768 res., because @ 800x600 I have to scroll over to see the second half of the screen



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        I like it pretty much except having to scroll to see the full width of the screen, and the fact that you substituted or removed the vB copyright notice and added your own in it's place, or maybe I missed it??? If I did my BAD!

        P.S. Are you willing to share your user integration code and what news front end you used.

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          The news front end was completely modified offrom some other news script.. which was terrible.. I had to use it as an example to completely program my own.. and it uses the user/password information of the message board allowing people to post news and comments. Sorry cant share that with you...

          As far as the sides I used the codes that were posted here...

          And I did not erase the copyright I might have missed it.. somehwere..


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            Originally posted by Das]-[
            And I did not erase the copyright I might have missed it.. somehwere..
            Hope you find what happened to it, because other than that and the width thing, I think you did a really great job. good color scheme, layout etc.


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              Is it suppost to be in the footer text..? and if it is I changed that completly could someone please paste the footer copyright for me here.. so i can add it back.. thanks


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                The entire footer template is in the members area. You can grab it there



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                  or just copy the copyright at the bottom of this board
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                    Originally posted by Das]-[
                    it uses the user/password information of the message board allowing people to post news and comments. Sorry cant share that with you...
                    I've seen a few messages with people saying they can't share this information with others. Why?? It's not secret.

                    The VB user information is stored in a table called 'user'. You can select,update and insert to this table to your hearts content. The only thing to watch out for is that a lot of the columns are specified as 'not null' and some columns may not have relevance without another column. Common sense and a quick look at the table contents will reveal this. Passwords are stored in the database as plain text.

                    As for cookies, VB stores the password in an encrypted form. This is done by running it through the md5() function and taking the first n characters from the start of the result where n is the length of the original password. eg. "substr(md5($password),0,strlen($password))". So it's quite easy to have another application read the cookie and authenticate.

                    I took a slightly easier approach when I integrated geeklog and vb. I simply changed the vb code to insert the user details into the geeklog user table by adding a few lines in member.php. Then added a few setcookie lines where ever vb already sets them to add the extra fields that geeklog uses. I could have modified geeklog to use the vb field names in the cookie, but why create additional work.

                    To use the VB functions from within geeklog I just added an include(global.php) line in the geeklog common.php file. Then so that I could access geeklog global variables in the VB code I added require(common.php) in the relevant VB pages.

                    Finally, to get vb to do the actual authentication for submitting stuff in geeklog, I just added a call to the VB 'verifyusername()' function before any call to the geeklog functions. Again, I could have spent more time and disabled all geeklog user authentication, but if it passes the VB code I know it will pass the geeklog code.

                    I know there are lot more efficient ways to do this, but it works and it only took a couple of hours.

                    Here's the result

                    PS. If anyone has any unwanted members lying around, send them my way
           - British expatriate community


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                      Would you be so kind as to share your hack to integrate Geeklog as you have.


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                        Sorry, can't share that! Nah.. only kidding

                        I'd be happy to share it. I'll need a few days to actually review what I did change and document it. I can post it by Sunday. I did take a few short cuts so it may not be the most elegant solution, but it does work.

                        I also changed things in geeklog to take advantage of the apache mod_rewrite to get rid of all those pesky cgi bits in the urls. This means all the search engines will spider all the articles.
               - British expatriate community


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                          Sounds great! Looking forward to it.

                          BTW ; I've used up all of my sick days also, so I'm the walking/working dead...

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                            Any update on this?


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                              Considering this is a more then 6 year old thread, i doubt you will find an answer.
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