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Question about making a new style set.

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  • Question about making a new style set.

    OK I have a custom header on my forum, I have some templates edited, I have hacks installed. Now what I want to do is make another color scheme available to my members, but I want all the hacks, templatest etc all the same. So what do I do? The options when you go to make a new style confuse me, I've already made one grand mistake, I made a new template, and set the replacement and template settings to default; only to find out all the colors I changed also changed the default style set

    So what do I do to achieve what I stated above?

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    I believe you would simply make a new Style using the mod Style replacements, and mod templates.


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      So when I go to "add new style", would I select:

      |Create New Replacement Set|
      |Create New Template Set|

      So if I create a new template set, would it mean It will use all the templates I currently have but when I edit one, it will only edit it self in that style?

      I don't even know what the replacement set does...


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        the replacement set is used when you already have a style you want to use.

        If you make a new set, you'll probably need to change all the colours and such

        the template set is useful if you have an existing template design that you want to use across many styles.

        If you have a special template set you have built, you will want to select it there.


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          OK i'm still a bit confused...

          all I want to do is create many different color schemes for my board...

          I want to keep all my templates etc the same throughout.

          what settings do I choose when gooing go ADD NEW STYLE?


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            new style = new name
            replacement set= create new replacement set
            template set= the modded template set you want to use.

            if you're confused, so am I


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