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Integrating Bootsrap & jQuery

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  • Integrating Bootsrap & jQuery

    I havent seen any posts about this but will I have any issues integrating Bootstrap 4 and jQuery in my VB5 forum? I want to use some of the utility and component features like accordions, grids, and flexbox for my custom HTML/PHP pages. I am not trying to change the entire layout, just some added functionality. I see that vBulletin does include an older version of jQuery.

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    Bump...has anyone done this?


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      It's not as easy as you'd like. Bootstrap uses a good number of the same IDs and classes as vBulletin.

      It's possible but you either have to reference two different sets of files or you have to manually edit any conflicting IDs and classes.


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        vBulletin 5 already includes jQuery. The jQuery version will be updated in 5.6.2. Trying to include a newer version in earlier versions of vBulletin will cause your site to break horribly.

        For CSS, we have our own formatting language, you can see it by going to /special/css-examples on your site. There really is no need to include Bootstrap and much of its functionality would just get overwritten anyway.

        Accordians (used in the User Help Manual), Grids (we have our own), and Flexbox (Photo Galleries, Groups lists, Blogs list, and probably elsewhere) are already possible.
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