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  • Need help customizing

    I am on the vB cloud. I would super appreciate your help on:

    -Putting a custom header pic behind the logo at the top of the page. Info I found isn't perfectly clear to an ignorant person like me.

    -Adding a custom background body (fill to fit,?) that doesn't scroll when scrolling the forum. This would be seen on the sides of the screen when viewing on a normal computer screen.

    - How to get a mp3 audio file attachment to show a audio player instead of the download option. I figured out how to allow that attachment, and made the custom Bb code for the player. But audio player doesn't show.

    Thank you so much for your help on this. I have spent hours and hours and can't figure it out.

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    - Header Background.
    1. Upload your file to the Cloud server with the vB Cloud File Manager in the AdminCP.
    2. Note the filename and path provider after uploading.
    3. In the AdminCP go to Styles -> Style Manager.
    4. Select "Style Variable Editor" from the Choose Action... Drop down for your style.
    5. In the Style Variable Editor, click on "Header".
    6. Then select Header Background.
    7. In the Image Background file add: url("file path from above")
    8. Save the Style Variable.
    - Page Background.

    This should still work:

    You can see these first two in action at a vB Cloud demonstration site that I have here:

    - MP3 inline.

    This is tricky because you have to feed the file to your custom BBCODE. What is the code that you are using?

    It should be something like:

      <source src="{param}">
    Then in the post you would use something like [audio]filedata/fetch?id=XXXX[/audio]

    The fetchid would be the id of the uploaded file. This is seen when you click on it to download it. To get the proper URL, you have to upload the attachment then save the post. The URL will be updated to the proper one. Click the attachment to download it to get the URL. Then edit your post and add the audio tags around the URL.
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