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Style var identification help.

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  • Style var identification help.

    I'm replicating the default skin I use on VB4 and its 95% complete.
    Click image for larger version

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    Can somebody tell me the style var for the icon colour in the editor please. I've gone through all the content entry ones and most others for that matter with no success,

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    It isn't visible in style -> template search -> contententry_toolbar?


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      Thanks. I ended up working out the problem.
      While I was messing around figuring out what style var changed what I had several global palette style vars set that override others.


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        ... but the golden style looks good

        Just looked, it has to do with this color: "h-fill-icon_color_steel_02" and "h-fill-icon_color_steel_01" in "sprite_icons_general.svg".
        Perhaps it has to do with the *.svg. Does anyone knows it or how to change the color?

        Addition some time later:
        Customization is possible in: "css_sprite_icons_general.css", but don't know how to do.
        I'm searching in the whole coding like a little dog. Everywhere snooping and find everywhere something but don't understand it in completeness.
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          anyway here's the original vb 4.2.5 and the replicated one of the test site
          Pretty happy overall.


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            Many style variables will inherit (and modify) from the Global Palette style variables. That is what they are there for. For the icons, there are a series of icon_ style variables that change all the SVG icons in the system. We've tried to explain the colors that each one changes in the description of the style variable. At least in relation to the default style.
            Translations provided by Google.

            Wayne Luke
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              I've got it, thanks to Wayne Luke too:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-14 um 19.12.26.png
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              For camera and link symbol you can change the variable icon_color_steel_02 to your choice through your style variable editor. Good luck


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