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adding a gallery to your VB

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  • adding a gallery to your VB

    How to add an Image gallery to your site
    I must have thought about doing this a thousand times

    Im sure theres other ways of doing this, but this method came to mind, and it works great
    besides I was afraid I would mess up the board, so this is definatly a safe method.

    in your control panel
    1. create a new template and name it “gallery” or whatever you wish, just remember what it is
    2. create a new style called “gallery”
    3. now goto modify templates
    4. expand the list for “gallery”
    5. click on edit, “postbits”
    6. highlight and copy all
    7. import that code into your html editor, I use Dreamweaver
    8. you’ll see the entire table setup with bb codes
    9. its pretty easy now
    10. make the table look like anything you want, just be sure to leave the attachment code
    centered in the message area.
    11. now “ don’t save anything, or your html editor will insert unwanted code”
    12. copy that new code and go back to the VB control editor, which you should not have closed.
    13. delete all the code for postbit that is on the screen, now with the prompt in the upperleft corner go ahead and paste your altered code.
    14. That’s it

    note: you may want to edit the VB options to the size of files you willl allow, also the dimensions, “don’t want a wacked out display”

    also if you have altered the look of the original VB default before now, you’ll want to cut and paste your boards altered code to the new style “gallery”

    okay have fun....

    oops almost forgot: choose the forum you want to be the gallery and select the gallery style as default and turn off the option for users to select a different style.
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    This sounds like an idea worth exploring!

    thanks, jgrillone


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      works like a charm!

      I had to remove the current time info in order for it to display correctly on a Konqueror browser, but otherwise, everything else made perfect sense.



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        Im glad it worked for you


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          I added your name to the footer of my gallery section for the suggestion on where to make the modification

          thanks again


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            thankyou very much, I can see that you put the information to a good use
            btw I really think that style you use, looks very rich.


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              Thanks for the compliment.

              *note: for some reason, the line where you are mentioned in the footer went missing, I've added it again*


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                The most brilliant ideas are always the simplest. Thank you!!

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                  How do you do this with vbulletin 3.0.3?



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                    i dont get what you mean when you say "create a new template". the only option i see for new template is in thet individual styles....


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                      Ummm admincp >> style & templates >> style manager >> add new style?


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                        Has anyone done this or another gallery with 3.0.3?

                        I'm finding that a step or something is missing when I try.


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                          Originally posted by Annunu1
                          Has anyone done this or another gallery with 3.0.3?

                          I'm finding that a step or something is missing when I try.
                          I'm messing with something similar here:



                          widgetinstance 262 (Related Topics) skipped due to lack of content & hide_module_if_empty option.