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How to change certain colors (several questions)

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  • How to change certain colors (several questions)

    Okay, so I am in the midst of changing the style of our website to make it look unique. Here is how it currently looks
    Since I'm just an amateur with no coding or webdesign experience, there are some moments where I'm not sure how to change a certain thing.

    First off is the main page. The articles and blog displays have a white background which is bad since the color of the font of the website is also white. I looked up how to change the topics list background and I assume that it works similarly but I don't know the additional.css code needed to do so. Tabs like latest activity, photos and my subscriptions in the forum have the same problem.
    Another problem is the wrapper which is grey in the image. I can change its color but I cannot change the link color - the one of Calendar - which seems to be different than the regular link color (as you can see with Home and Mark this channel read)

    The second problem is in the calendar itself. It's usually fine but the current date suddenly has a white background and you can't read the date since the font is white as well

    One of the most annoying problems are the white bars you can see in forum (the ones with General, Roleplay and Campaigns). I want to change their color (and the text color inside them) but I don't know how.
    I would also like to change the color of the forum area itself. I probably already did that but I forgot which variable it was. I mean the area that is circuited by red,
    This is just something minor but how exactly do I change the button of the RSS feed?

    As said before, I was able to color the topics list background but the bar of it is still white and the text black

    This is a bigger problem. If you want to write a reply everything is fine since I figured out how to change the reply background but if you go to font/size and open it the background and text are both white so you can't see the size numbers and fonts.

    Something minor again. You can't really see the little arrow next to Filter so I would like to change its color. The two symbols underlined with red do also look a bit weird so I wonder if you can change them.

    The last problem deals with the profile. I managed to change most of it but the profile itself stays how it is no matter what I change. I guess this is fine but the activity stream, just like with Articles and Blogs, has a white background again.

    I hope all these little issues are not too many at once.
    Are there other things I should change because of the color scheme?


    Another problem I noticed. I can't see the texts saying which modules there are when in sitebuilder mode. It would be enough if I can just see the texts in the image shown.
    The search result page is also huddled with problems.
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    Because I don't have the time to search for all of your questions:

    You could look into the css definition and search the class or the id of this element. Now you got to search for this class at the template-search (most of the time is is in css_global.css)

    Example of the first picture:

    A look into the Element will show you the color is set by the class .conversation-empty.

    Now you search the templates for that string and the css_global is one of the files show up.
    Seaerch again in the css_global and you will find:

    HTML Code:
    .conversation-empty {
        padding: 20px;
        text-align: center;
        font-weight: bold;
        background: {vb:stylevar no_content_background};
    Bam, that is your stylevar "no_content_background"!

    But attention, some of the classes are maybe used also in other places where your color is not a match.


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      I think it worked, I'll try the rest now.

      Edit: The white background problem for size/font when replying is still there. There isn't even an option to inspect them.
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