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    No really, I am serious, I can take it....... Just looking for some opinions / suggestions from those of you that have been around the block more than once.

    The Board I host is for an online Backgammon Hosting Group, so it is done up in a style to match them. Here it is....

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    I think 1 rotating globe is enough, keep in mind that animated gifs use bandwidth and slow down the experience for viewer


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      Re: hey

      Originally posted by jgrillone
      I think 1 rotating globe is enough, keep in mind that animated gifs use bandwidth and slow down the experience for viewer
      Those are flash. (ps» thats worse imo)


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        Well, wasn't that an overwhelming response lol I do realize the bandwith issues on using the 2 globe logos. For now that is not an issue as we currently only have somewhere is the neighborhood of 110 users. It is in my thinking though. I am in the process of developing a static Title graphic that will include a gobe as well as the rest of the info on the logos , but for now,..they do the job.

        Anyone else? colors, icons, smilies? avatars? Really I am looking for overall opinions here to take into the design account. We have a truly international membership so I'd like to have as many legitimate inputs as possible to vreate an amicable style to all those around.

        Graphic Impressions


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          You might have more members if you took into consideration that 92% of all Internet users worldwide are using 56K modems or less.

          Personally I find any animation in a logo to be distracting and you would get more kudos for a well done static logo.

          Other than that, the no permission screen looked nice. I don't have the time to register where it takes over two minutes for a simple page like that to load on a 52.0 kbps connection. I can barely think what the main page would take with all of its tables and formatting.
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            okay want it strait?
            1. the header is too large, too much white space
            2. when using different shades of the same color, ie. green
            subtle differences will look alot better than big like your's is.
            3. when using a graphic background for your forums, if not using tables to create borders then line borders would look nicer, than no borders
            4. the script text used on the nav buttons look amiturish
            5. I did like the shade of green used on your VB buttons,
            6. I did like some of the avatars
            7. 2 flash movies running at the same time on the same page is a definate design no-no
            8. I hate sites that make me register, just to check out the forums
            9. it's your site, you don't need our input, the people you should be asking are those 110 members.
            10. be cool...


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              wow thank you, someone that actually can talk straight, there is honesty in the world after all. Ty and I appreciate your input. As for the jabs well whatever,... but as for the constructive criticism ty. Every designer whether by trade or hobby needs the input of external sources to finalize a design. If you dont know what i am talking about than there is no reason for you to be reading this. Ty, valuable info extracted.


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                To be honest the reason I didn't comment myself is because I don't like any of it. And I follow the whole, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."


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