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How to do this little change?

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  • How to do this little change?

    see the attachment

    many many thanks!!!

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    You will need to edit the code as the tag is built there.
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      Edit your forumdisplaybit template. Find$thread[movedprefix] and move it to wherever you want it. You're probably going to have to create a new column and align it to the right side.


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        No, don't create a new column, you'll have to add anoter tabe within the existing column. If you just make another column, you'll end up with an empty column (when threads are listed that haven't been moved.)

        As soon as I get home, I'll post again with specific insturctions.
        - James


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          ja5es, he can make an extra column in the forum home post template. He would then just place that code inside of it as said above. There wouldnt be another nested table needed at all.


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            Yeah, but the only prob there would be this:

            If he just throws an extra column in there, it would create an empty one that would look funny if there wasn't the word Moved it in.

            Uh, see attachment to see what I mean.
            - James


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              Ooh I have an idea!

              Change the "moved" thing to an image and have it aligned right.

              Then just make an image that has the text "moved" and call it moved.gif and upload it into your images folder.

              In your vBulletin Options in the Admin CP look under "Forum Display Options" for "Prefix for moved threads"

              Change this to <img src=images/moved.gif align=right>