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  • Rate My new board.

    I just started but..

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    You scored a 6.5 on the scale of 10.


    I rather give it a 6, but because you made a nice attempt to hack the board to fit in the total of your web site, it is almost worth another point.

    You can see you have been busy on the site too, the colors, the fonts, everything is set up just the way you obviously want it. This makes it worth higher then a 5.0

    What I personally dislike is the squealed up screen size. I run on a 1024 resolution which I believe is the most used these days by majority of users who browse. And the screen has space on the left/right of the webpage, the buttons from a thread are squealed up .. Sometimes even in a few rows. I do understand why you made it pre-set to one size, but I think it would be nicer is the forum could use the whole screen size.. What is wrong with the menu on the left stick to the left and the forum spend all the way to the right? Without the page losing its integrity.. but that is a choice you made, and not me. And I think it is just personal taste.

    I wouldn't want to withdraw a point from the list there, if it wasn't for the left menu being bigger font then the forum, which is actually the main focus. And this is not a matter of taste I believe. The forum is what the end-user wishes to read, having that in a bigger font then the left menu, is something I'd to find reasonable. Therefore it is not a solid 7. Sorry.

    Another point my eye caught was the big avatar used, in such a small sized forum.. but I won't bother taking away points just for that, because that is irrelevant with the actual design/etc.

    I have attached a screenshot of how it looks in Internet Explorer 6 @ 1024 resolution (resized and made in .jpg so I could attach it!) so you might notice a differ in style sheet if you maybe designed it for Netscape or whatever. As you can see on the screenshot: the part where you can leave text in a thread, one's post is really small. Yeah, it will expand more and more, if there is more text, but.. it is only 1/5th of the whole screen, which is a loss, and therefore not worth another point.

    I score it a 6.5 and that is just personal taste and my arguments. Feel free to fight them!


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      (forgot to add it)


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        I just do not like forums with dark colors :S

        But then thats just me

        Other than the colours, its a job well done IMHO


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          check me out

          Check me out, im new as well


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