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white bar trouble continues...

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  • white bar trouble continues...

    All arrangements of the tables are fine now. However, when I load the board the first time, it looks ok. If I load it the second time or press any button, a white bar at the right and the bottom is added. Even worse, the white bar at the bottom gets huge when I click on pages like 'register'. Nothing against the extra space, but I would like to have my little gray bar stay at the bottom.

    1) Is it possible to get rid of both bars?
    2) If the bottom extra space can't be removed, how can I change the color?

    Thanks in advance.

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    For the right add this in the body tag in the styles area


    For the bottom to change the color, change the background color. Thats the color that shows. The only way to do that is to make the main table have a height of 100% so that even if the table is empty, it still fits all the way down and doesnt go up.


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      If I change the height to 100%, the 'register' page for example looks a bit funny because the text box is at the bottom and the middle of the page is empty (white). So you actually need to scroll down to view the text.

      In the body tag, I've changed the main bgcolor to gray and included the footer stuff in a white table, so that it's still white.

      That's not perfect but better than before.

      Thanks for your help -- any further suggestions are of course appreciated.


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        Well for the tables where things are at the bottom you need to find the cell and add

        "valign="top" into the <td> tag. This will make everything inside align to the top.


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          Thanks for your help!