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Remove Adsense from CMS pages?

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  • Wayne Luke
    The CMS uses the same templates for this as the Forum pages uses. They would be in the ad_location templates.

    To have more control, you need to use the Ad Manager in vBulletin 4 and set it to only show on specific pages. You may need multiple ads assigned to the same location for different pages.

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  • Kirkus
    started a topic Remove Adsense from CMS pages?

    Remove Adsense from CMS pages?

    I use vBulletin's built in Adsense option. I like it on my forum, but I'd like to have it not display ads on my CMS in the default positions. I'd rather have more control over ad placement on my CMS and place the ads manually. Does anyone know what template(s) I might edit, and what edits I'd make, to remove the built in Adsense routine from my CMS?

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