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How could I add my custom header to vBulletin?

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  • [vB4] How could I add my custom header to vBulletin?

    Hello there,
    I am trying to make this my forums new header/background: (Just a demo).
    (I also want to use my custom footer)
    But this is the out come:

    Any ideas or ways you may know of so I can add my custom header in without it screwing with the vB CSS, and making it look nicer?
    It looks really screwed up, lol.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Go header and footer template in your style and making any changes you want.
    also you can see my forum as references
    I made more changes on its footer and header.
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      I am at a loss with customizing my header styles.

      When I upload an image URL in the replacement variable for header background > background image, nothing shows up but whitespace. There MUST be a way to customize header with a background image other than the logo image option we are given. Help?



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