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Vbulletin 4.2.2 Mobile theme

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  • Vbulletin 4.2.2 Mobile theme

    Hello, I do not see much out there on the net for customization of the default VB4.2.2 mobile theme?

    If somebody could please help I have a few questions.
    • How to change the header/navbar and forum list header colours from the default blue to the a different colour. I would like to change them to black. (where is the temple)
    • I have uploaded my own logo as a .png file with the exact same dimensions as the default vb logo but my logo is very pixelated. how do I fix this?
    • is there a way to make the avatars a little larger in the thread display?
    • is there a way to display forum rank images and if so how do I do it.

    Thanks in advanced

    Gran Turismo Arena The Home For GT5 Clubs & Leagues

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    Sorry to bump but could do with a little help and guidance with the above.

    Also is it possible to display the CMS article preview images as default there are no preview images just the titles of the articles?

    Gran Turismo Arena The Home For GT5 Clubs & Leagues


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