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Comparing/Diff viewing the same templates between 2 styles

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  • Comparing/Diff viewing the same templates between 2 styles

    I have an issue with a mod we have on our forums. It splits the user display at the WGO block in bottom of the forums. Now we recently did a major overhaul on our forums, Complete FTP wipe, lots of db maintenance, plugin clearing out, and wiped out the old styles we were using in favour of newer ones. We did keep an archived style of our custom designed stuff that we were planning on using still.

    Now our new styles are children of the archive style, so we only have to edit one place for those templates. But an odd thing is happening. In the new styles, the comma list at the bottom is using double commas between each username, instead of just one as normal. But in the archive style it displays with the normal single comma. So obviously the issue is not the plugin or it's attendant templates, but something in the new style. Somewhere it is doubling up commas in the WGO block after each listing.

    I told you all that, to ask you this: Is there an easy way of getting a side by side comparison of the templates between the two styles?

    Thus far I haven't found any way short of either downloading the styles' xmls, opening them in NP++, and running the compare plugin. Or, manually opening each modified template in the styles section of the AdminCP copying the text to NP++ and comparing that way. Both of these are tedious methods. The first isn't really effective because there is so much fundamentally different between the two styles that the finding the one difference I need amongst all the others is a needle/haystack issue.

    Any suggestions would be awesome.

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    You should get something like examdif


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