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    For asthetic reasons I moved the print/email/subscribe options into the $forumrules template. Problem is, the threadid variable isn't being passed with the link. I first thought I'd need to accommodate that in one of the showthread.php file by adding $forumrules to the templateused variable, but no dice. Before I pull it out and make it a showthread_mynewoptions template of its own, which I'd really like to avoid because it means yet one more nested table, is there anything obvious I'm missing?


    Here's a sample:

    And here's my new $forumrules template, accommodating the inclusion of those thread option links:

    <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" bgcolor="{tablebordercolor}"><tr><td>
    <table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="1" border="0">
    <td bgcolor="{firstaltcolor}"><smallfont>
    You <b>may $rules[postnew]</b> post new threads.<br>
    You <b>may $rules[postreply]</b> post replies.<br>
    You <b>may $rules[attachment]</b> post attachments.<br>
    You <b>may $rules[edit]</b> edit your posts.
    <td bgcolor="{firstaltcolor}"><smallfont>
    <a href="misc.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&action=bbcode" target="_blank">vB code</a> is <b>$bbcodeon</b><br>
    <a href="misc.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&action=showsmilies" target="_blank">Smilies</a> are <b>$smilieson</b><br>
    <a href="misc.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&action=bbcode#imgcode" target="_blank">[IMG]</a> code is <b>$imgcodeon</b>
    </smallfont></td><td bgcolor="{firstaltcolor}"><smallfont><img src="{imagesfolder}/printer.gif" alt="" border="0" align="absmiddle">
    <a href="printthread.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&threadid=$threadid">Show Printable Version</a><br><img src="{imagesfolder}/sendtofriend.gif" alt="" border="0" align="absmiddle">
    <a href="sendtofriend.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&threadid=$threadid">Email this Page</a><br><img src="{imagesfolder}/subscribe.gif" alt="" border="0" align="absmiddle">
    <a href="member2.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&action=addsubscription&threadid=$threadid">Subscribe to this Thread</a>
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