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  • excessive34
    I've looked up how to remove the separation between the forum body and the header body, that does not work.

    Also trying to mimic the white box that is seen behind the forum tables and the "Whats going on" section, cant figure that out either.

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  • excessive34
    started a topic [vB4] Customization Questions

    Customization Questions

    Ok, I'm looking to create my own forum skin/theme.

    Generally, looking at creating something very similar to this:

    I just don't know exactly how to go about doing it.

    What would I need to edit?

    Template files?
    The actual XML?

    I really dont know where to start.

    If I had the income to just purchase a custom built theme, I would do so. I'm young and my income doesn't support that at the moment so I'm looking into building my own.
    I would consider myself to be half way decent with html/css.

    EDIT: Do I need to know any other languages to create something like this?