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[vB4] Centering the doc_background image

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  • [vB4] Centering the doc_background image

    I have this doc_background image you can see at .

    Notice that the doc_background image is a bit to the left, how do i center it? The gap to the right and below is not visible because i also filled out background colour #000000.

    On second thoughts, I would like to know how to center the image in header background as well? (not the logo or vBulletin logo, just the background image)

    I also cannot feature out where I can change the colour of the long white bar where "mark forums read" and "site leaders" is located.
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    Look at the stylevar doc_background and header_background to center your images.

    I don't see any long white bar on the site, so I'll assume you fixed that.

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      That linky to the website is very nice, thank you Lynne. (Bookmarked!)


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