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  • Froberg
    Senior Member
    • Jan 2006
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    • 4.0.x

    [vB4] Style without the new fancy "buttons"

    So I have a custom-made style that took a long, long time to develop for v.3.x.

    It had some really well done buttons and icons, which I want to use.

    I finally figured out how to make it look right for the "new thread", but to my horror the "new thread" is being used on "post reply" as well.

    I assume template edits are required - so clearly someone has already made a guide for it. But where? The search function has yielded no positive results thus far - anyone able to point me in the right direction for how to implement this properly?

    I have custom buttons and icons for all functions, save "projects" and the "blog" things.. Help?
  • Ace
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    • Apr 2004
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    • 4.2.X

    I assume template edits are required - so clearly someone has already made a guide for it.
    Your logic is a little bit flawed there. Just because the edits are required, you can't conclude that there must be documentation for it.
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    • Froberg
      Senior Member
      • Jan 2006
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      • 4.0.x

      Well I was just assuming that I'm not the only one with a few styles that don't exactly benefit from the new buttons.

      I see their merit, mainly for translations, but I'd really like to preserve my custom style as much as possible given the changes.
      I managed to remove text, increase the size to make the button fit and change the borders to allow it to be there without intersecting with other text. I just don't get why "New Thread" and "Reply to Thread" use the same buttons - apparently - which usually indicates the template edits are necessary.


      • Steve Machol
        Former Customer Support Manager
        • Jul 2000
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        Unfortunately these are not trivial changes. I suggest posting over at for help with this level of customization. Someone over there may have already done something like this.
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        • Froberg
          Senior Member
          • Jan 2006
          • 202
          • 4.0.x


          The custom buttons used to be a huge part of a forum-identity. For this one specific style in particular.

          oh well, best not try it then.
          Thanks, Steve.


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