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  • Snickersma
    New Member
    • Jan 2010
    • 13
    • 3.8.x

    [vB4] Pagination Encryption Blooper!

    Hi guys,

    I've been manually going through the StyleVars and changing the settings for the pagination on my boards.

    However, when I re-uploaded the vbulletin-style.xml after making further edits to it, I discovered all my pagination stylevar edits had been reverted.

    A quick scan of the XML style tells me that the pagination values are hardcoded into the XML in an encrypted format.

    I really don't want to have to re-do stylevars' every time I have to modify the xml style... is there a way I can either:

    a) manually encode my stylevar settings into the xml style; or
    b) remove the settings from the xml (or will this bugger the style overall?)

  • Snickersma
    New Member
    • Jan 2010
    • 13
    • 3.8.x


    <stylevar name="forumhead_background" value="YTo2OntzOjU6InVuaXRzIjtzOjA6IiI7czo1OiJjb2xvciI7czo3OiIjYTJjY2U0IjtzOjU6ImltYWdlIjtzOjM5OiJ1cmwoaW1hZ2VzL2NpZWxvL3N0eWxlL2dyYWRpZW50X2JnLnBuZykiO3M6NjoicmVwZWF0IjtzOjg6InJlcGVhdC14IjtzOjE6IngiO3M6NDoibGVmdCI7czoxOiJ5IjtzOjY6ImNlbnRlciI7fQ==" />
            <stylevar name="forumhead_border" value="YTo0OntzOjU6InVuaXRzIjtzOjI6InB4IjtzOjU6IndpZHRoIjtzOjE6IjIiO3M6NToic3R5bGUiO3M6NToic29saWQiO3M6NToiY29sb3IiO3M6NzoiIzYxOGVhNyI7fQ==" />
            <stylevar name="forumhead_color" value="YToxOntzOjU6ImNvbG9yIjtzOjc6IiMxYzNmNTMiO30=" />
    Whereas I'd like to get #5b5b5b; etc into the value field for background etc etc.

    No idea how to un-encrypt, add values, re-encrypt... even this would be a help!!


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