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  • [vB4] Width of popup click username

    I am trying to figure out which stylevar controls the width of the popup when I click a username. I want to make it wider because I changed a phrase and it is now running outside the width of the default popup.

    Thank you!

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    There isn't a StyleVar for that. If you edit the '.memberaction_body.popupbody' class in popupmenu.css, you can change it from it's default of 280px.
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      Thank you for the reply.

      When I change that value, it seems to increase the first column of the popup.

      There's 2 columns. 1st column shows View Profile, Private Messages. 2nd column shows View Forum Post, View Blog Entries, View Articles.

      I increased the 280px to 350px and it seem to increase the 1st column and the 2nd column seemed to stay the same. I changed the phrase Blog to Member Projects and "Member Project Entries" is overflowing past the edge of the popup on the 2nd column.

      Is there another setting that I should be changing?

      EDIT: SOLVED. In addition to the .memberaction_body.popupbody, I had to increase .memberaction_body.popupbody li by half of the increase in the 280px. eg. If I increased 280px to 380px, I have to increase the .memberaction_body.popupbody li from 140px to 190px (i.e. half of the 100px increase in .memberaction_body.popupbody).
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