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  • New vBulletin Dev Site?

    I have seen quite a few requests for vBulletin graphics and places to get them from and such. After thinking about it I was wondering, if I started up a website just for vBulletin graphics (maybe styles also since I have seen a few requests for them), would anyone submit their graphics for others to download?

    I have been working on a design for the past week or so and I think it is nice and would serve for this purpose and if anyone would help out and submit their graphcs and all I would be glad to start this type of site up.

    Just let me know your thoughts/opinions/insights/ect

    Feedback is appreciated,


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    i heard of somthing like this befor but i dont know itf it ever started up


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      Just something I wanted to start up - I guess you could say I grew tired of seeing a lot of posts in the past asking for graphics .

      Anyway, I am working on the layout, if a few people at least give me the go ahead that they would like for me to do it, it will happen.


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        I believe C-pr0mpt was going to do something like this about 6 months ago, and changed his mind about it. He has a domain already.. not sure what the status is on it or not.

        Might check with him... might be something worth doing...


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          If you get it started I'll help with it.
          Need a job done? Get in contact with me and we'll see what we can work out.


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            [email protected] d00d 1ll sh0w yu0 m7 r33t [email protected] sk11lz!!!1


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              Sounds like a good idea.. Unfortunatly, I don't think I will submit, I am not trying to be a crab apple here, just a personal opinion
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                Well I did take notice to the site that Corey (c-pr0mpt) was working on just by entering misc. url's in the browser . I was going to contact him first as I do not see much of a reason to start a vB graphics dedicated site if he is already working on one (I am sure his site would be much nicer than my, imo, although maybe I could help unless he is not going to open it).

                Sinecure: No problem, thanks for the encouragement though .

                I will post more as I get some information from Corey


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                  Isn't that a part of what is doing (and pixeljunction) ?


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           is just for code hacking
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                      I think it's a good idea


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                        I would be willing to help with the technical side.

                        However, i'm no good at designing.
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