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  • headed in the right direction?

    I am almost done with my forums, and I want some feedback from the general community if I am headed in the right direction as far as design and layout go. I like it a lot (obviously) as do the rest of my friends, so I want some ideas on what you like, dislike, so on and so forth. And pay no attention to the header, that image and those buttons are not the right ones (as of yet).

    You can view my forums at (they are only about a week old).

    I encourage everyone to also become a member, we have some interesting discussions there!



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    I dig it.


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      Looks awesome. Might want to change the color of the text at the bottom, where it tells what each of the icons (new/old posts) means, the black text was hard to read against the background.

      Also, I think the logo with the black background looks strange, it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the board. It looks like it was just plugged in there and not specifically designed for that color scheme.

      Also, the default VB buttons that you're still using (post new, post reply, etc.) you might want to replace those with ones that match your board. They're easy enough to find, just check out sticky thread in the graphics forum for links to buttons that are already made up.

      I hate criticizing people when their work is better than anything I could ever do. But hopefully this helps.
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        Awesome guys, thanks for the info. For the buttons, do there exist .psd files that I can download to easily edit them? I checked in the members section, but could not find any.



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          Nevermind, I found them.