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Removing start date/time from threads in forum display

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  • [vB4] Removing start date/time from threads in forum display

    Hi guys, I'm trying to make the forumdisplay look less cluttered, and to do this I'd like to remove all the extraneous info under the thread titles.

    for example:

    Thread Title
    Started by Username on 7/7/10 at 2:39PM.

    Ideally, I'd just like it to say:

    Thread Title

    (how it looks in vb3)

    but if that's not possible:

    Thread Title
    Started by Username

    any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    Look for the lin beginning with '{vb:rawphrase started_by_x_y_z_a,' in the threadbits template and edit accordingly.
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      Thanks Trevor. Guess I'm a newb here but no matter which way I try to edit the code it either removes the whole line completely or leaves behind some issues ([ARG:5 UNDEFINED], [ARG:4 UNDEFINED]). How exactly should this be edited so that the only thing that is shown underneath the threadtitle is the name of the thread starter?

                              {vb:rawphrase started_by_x_y_z_a, {vb:link member, {vb:raw thread}, null, 'postuserid', 'postusername'}, {vb:raw thread.postusername}, {vb:raw thread.startdate}, {vb:raw thread.starttime}, {vb:stylevar dirmark}}


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        I think you're going to have to edit the phrase itself to remove the varibles you don't want displayed. But keep in mind that phrase is called for in more than just the thread listing. It's all over the place.


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          Try this.

          Find phrase started_by_x_y_z_a

          Change it from this:
          PHP Code:
          <span class="label">Started by&nbsp;<a href="{1}" class="username understate" title="Started by {2} on {3} {4}">{2}</a>{5},&nbsp;{3}&nbsp;{4}</span
          To this:
          PHP Code:
          <span class="label"><a href="{1}" class="username understate" title="Started by {2} on {3} {4}">{2}</a>{5}</span
          With the above text you'll still be able see the (started by "username" on "date") text if you hover you mouse over the username. (in a pop up)