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  • [vB4] Open album thumbnail background

    I'm tweaking the Emerald Sea theme I got here and got it almost where I want it. Ran in to that old devil, the thumbnail backgrounds. Not in the album listing but the thumbs after opening an album.
    I never have found what stylevar or css code controls that. Any ideas?

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    Look up the class "#thumbnails li"

    Also, there is a good video tutorial in the articles area on how to use firebug to find the stylevars.

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      I have yet to figure out firebug.


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        In case you're looking for it, there is no StyleVar associated with the thumbnail background so you'll need to set the a colour by adding to additional.css e.g. for a black background...

        #thumbnails li {
            background-color: #000000;
        This also sets the colour for thumbnails that appear in the 'Groups' area. In fact the entire area contained within groups is almost all hard-coded so if you want your style to cover it you really will need to use a tool like Firebug


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          Thanks for your reply zappaDPJ. It's the lightweightbox_background under Common. For some odd reason it's choosing to ignore the translucent filter I put in the background url. Works everywhere else just not there.
          So to add the filter how would that go in the css.
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