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  • [vB4] Simple Question...

    Ok say you have a thread on any topic...
    Now when someone makes a reply to that thread and then you view it as a complete thread with both postings what is the area or border between them called in a Template?

    Dont laugh too much as I am learning to modify templates and I have read the Guide for style vars, but I am missing it somewhere.

    I have a custom skin and I would like to use the honeycomb look for this border separating the post between each other as I have seperating the forums on my main forum home page...

    The other question I have is also a template related question, in that see the little thin black line between the HOME Forum and the New post Private messages at the top of the forum, when reading the guide I thought I read that it was called Heavy Border area, but when I attempted to change the color from Blue which I have Blue when I selected the Heavy Border it showed Red when I tried to change this to Silver I saw no change in the Blue as displayed on my page.

    Other than that I am working through most of the custom options and doing ok...

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    I'm not sure what you are talking about.... maybe the margin-bottom that creates the space between the two posts? It's in ".postbit, .postbitlegacy, .eventbit"

    You know, an image pointing out stuff would really help here.

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      You got it I think It is where Today at 5:47 in your reply is located...
      How about the Blue under my Nav Bar...
      I will go try the suggestion and see if that is what I am talking about. I can not find eventbit...I also can not see the exact Lagacy that would be related to the cell of a post...


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        I will have to wait for a reply I am still unsure...


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          yeah it's the postbit legacy template for this style and postbit for the other. the div itself is called posthead (it may or may not be a stylevar)

          you can turn on template names so that looking at the source will say stuff like <--start of postbit template
          in the admincp options


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            Thanks I figured out how by modifying the footer of the post bit...
            I have that on , but I am very new to this Last time I edited my bulletin board was literally 10 yrs ago in I almost wish it was that easy now...
            I will see if I can change it to the header instead...Thanks for that...
            How about the Blue line issue as mentioned above?


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              Does this help?

              It's hard to know exactly what you are talking about without pics tbh.


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                You have a PM...Thanks also for all of you guys helping.


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                  Ok I fixed the Postbithead_background and that placed a divider (other than blending colors) into the seperator of post...Now to remove the Blue I sent that one to Punchbowl to figure out...
                  Thanks everyone for putting up with me...I search and read but sometimes I still have to ask...


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                    In the forum index those are the category strips. You can even go as far as using an img src call to put an image for the title. Like I did for the Entrance Portal here > The transparent background is too big but you get the idea.
                    As for the gap between the posts, it's just a gap. As you notice the background shines through. You close up the gap by zeroing out the padding or leave it and put the black honeycomb as the body background.
                    Would you post the honeycomb image? I got an idea but want to make sure it would work first.

                    Oh snap! I have got to type faster.


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                      The postbit header is not a seperator bar. It's the top of the next post.


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                        Least I could do right....

                        Yea, you like that sure I will pop it up...
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                          search for
                          <div id="nav_btm"></div>
                          in your templates and remove it


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                            My idea died a quick death. I was trying to stack the honeycomb on top of a black strip and use that as the postbit header. It appears to be a fixed height so all I got was the black strip. Oh well nothing ventured nothing learned.
                            BTW In some of your themes the copyright info is not showing up. They have a tendency to get thier knickers in a twist if they don't see it.


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                              I did a Repeat X with a Black Background then added the image path and you should get what you want.

                              Got any idea where I can find it? I did a search but something weird happened

                              The copywrite should be there but I have been doing a lot of crazy editing, I will fix everything soon anyway...


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