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How to change image and link for main forum logo?

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  • [vB4] How to change image and link for main forum logo?

    Can somebody please tell me how to change the logo on a skin from the default logo to my regular site logo and change the link from the forum link to the home page link?

    I changed the link in style variable editor...but now its just a red x...and I know the image file is there...I copied the path from the default skin. Also...I have NO idea how to change the skin. I figured since this is probably something about EVERYBODY does....that there would be somebody here that could quickly tell me whats what. I am kind of a newbie at this. Not totally stupid...but at the same time...not overly experienced in this type of thing.

    I know its something in style var....and changed the link...which appears to have NOT pulled the image into the mix...confused.

    Website is - but it will currently default to the default vBulletin skin....but if you go down and choose the IndyCarz classic skin....(Cars skin off of .org).

    Do I need to move/copy the image to another place also to make it display? Its set at the same path as the default skin?

    And what do I need to adjust to make the link to the home page?

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    Ah...I got the image fixed...but still need help with the link change to the home page instead of the forum page.

    I had put /forum in the setting...and when I compared the two image paths...I noticed it added /forum/forum on the link I take it that it must already assume /forum so it couldnt find the image. I just removed the /forum from the setting altogether and bam...there was my image displayed.

    Sooo...any idea on the link now? I want to redirect that link to the home page rather than the forum page.


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      Originally posted by Indy CTS-V View Post
      any idea on the link now?
      You'd have to customize template 'header'.
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        In: header

        <a name="top" href="{vb:raw vboptions.forumhome}.php{vb:raw  session.sessionurl_q}" class="logo-image">
        Replace with:
        <a name="top" href=""  class="logo-image">


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          Alternatively you can do that with my mod as well.


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