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  • [vB4] Template Variables

    This might not be the right place to ask or it might be, what I am trying to do is limit a widget to only be viewed by someone not apart of a usergroup, we will say for purposes that the usergroup id is 22.

    I understand the variable

    <vb:if condition="is_member_of($bbuserinfo, 1, 2, 3)">
    Do something here for group 1,2,3 but not 22

    Problem comes into play when someone is apart of grou 1 or 2 or 3 and also apart of group 22.

    since the member is apart of group 22 the condition shouldn't apply to them.

    How can i accomplish this

    there used to be a command

    <if condition="$bbuserinfo['usergroupid'] !=22">
    Show some stuff to all groups but 22

    help please? this is for a widget i am using template to accomplish this.

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