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  • [vB4] StyleVar (CMS/Breadcrumbs)

    I am trying to figure out which stylevar this is or which CSS file it's located in I searched the forums but didn't see it.

    and the documentation doesn't properly list some things as this one I would have thought would be connected to pagetitle like the other one but it isn't.
    Also if you could tell me the stylevar for the roll over over it as well.
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    I don't think you can do this using a Stylevar - you'll need to edit the CSS directly I think.

    You need to look the template called vbulletin-chrome.css - ".breadcrumb .navbit a" controls the default state and ".breadcrumb .navbit a:hover" controls the hover state.

    Hope that helps


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      The Home tab gets it's text color (it's a link) from "body a"

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        Thanks, I went the CSS route and change the color to flux with the pagetitle stylevar since generally they are suppose to be the same color.

        additional, so that I don't open up another thread

        Can you tell me where this is located? I've managed to find the search.css file but I don't see any borders in their that indicate this one I've managed to poke around to change the tabs but I can't find the border color. My original thought was form stylevar but none of them seem to match what is there now.

        Click image for larger version

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        I really don't like the stylevars I feel like Vbulletin should have put everything as a var it's kind of a pain to try and figure out which one is a var and which one is in the CSS file. Everything should have been stylevars.


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          #searchtypeswitcher {
              border-bottom:4px solid #5a7f97;
          Personally I dissagree - everything is easier and more flexible as CSS and when something is in a stylevar you can't read the CSS without constant reference to the stylevar database. I guess the answer is some sort of "export to CSS" button which dumps the current stylevars into the templates for those like me who don't want to use the stylevars. Alternatively just a CSS version of the default style


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