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additional.css showing up on the wrong theme

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  • [vB4] additional.css showing up on the wrong theme

    So I'm creating a theme...a child theme of vB 4 Default Style...and I'm making a bunch of changes on additional.css.

    For some reason now, when I go back and view the Default style, it's pulling the additional.css file for the child theme that I created. If I view the additional.css for the Default Style, nothing is in there.

    what's going on with this?

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    Are you clearing your browser cache before viewing the page to force your browser to get the current css files for that page?

    Do you have a link?

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      Yeah I don't think it's a cache issue. Simple changes that I usually make will usually show up immediately. At least, that's what I recall from the first time I themed a 4.x forum.

      A weird problem now...that may solve my issues. I'm simply starting over from scratch...deleted that child theme and now my Default Style looks the way it should.

      BUT, when I create a new child theme, and then add a simple line of CSS code to additional.css - nothing changes. When I view the page with FireBug, click on the CSS tab, and then view the additional.css file, it says "There are no rules in this stylesheet"....


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