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how to reply to advance and not that quick reply thing?

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  • [vB4] how to reply to advance and not that quick reply thing?


    At the moment where you go to post a new reply to a thread, it doesnt take you straight to advanced editor it shows the quick post box to write in.

    How can I change the board that when someone goes to post or reply it goes to the advanced editor first and not the quick reply.

    Please reply with step by step instructions newbie here

    Thanks so much

    Kozzie - Caroline

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    I don't now how to keep it from going to the quick reply yet, but if you double click the "reply to thread" or "reply" button is goes right in to the advanced editor.


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      anyone know how to keep it from going to quick reply?
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        I would like to know the answer to this also. It appears to be some sort of Bug if someone wants to report it? why is it a bug?

        Well when you are reading a post as guest then click on the normal reply button it takes to to log in and once logged in in takes you directly to the advanced reply screen. but when you are already logged in it takes you to the quick reply.



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          me to. i ended up turning off quick reply. vbulletin is a great forum however for new users it can be difficult and their is always questions and posting pictures. smileys ect and haveing to go to advanced is a unnessary step
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