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  • [vB4] move loginbox

    Hi there,
    to start a new web-project I use vBulletin 4.0.1. publishing suite an now there is a problem which makes my brain hurt.
    The login-box is placed by default in the header of my CMS. I`d like to delete it from there and place it to the forum-site. Is there any way to create it like it`s shown on the picture ?

    I know that's from "vB 3.8.4" but is it possible to have the look of "vB 3.8.4" in "vB 4.0.1" ?

    Is there anyone to give a hint ?

    Sorry but my english is a little bit dusted

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    I too would like to get my to header back for full banners. Plus, the user login box, settings, profile, etc. should be down lower anyway. Hopefully someone can chime-in on this one. vb 4.1.10


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      i would like to do this too
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        Also looking for some feedback on this issue, Thanks


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          okay - the look of vB 3.8.4 is impossible - but what about moving the login-box from CMS to the forum-site. Deleting it from CMS is easy but how/where have I to insert the code to see the login-box in the navbar where now the "advanced search" is to see ?

          hopefully thar there is a way



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            The template you need is navbar.


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              Originally posted by borbole View Post
              The template you need is navbar.
              Any chance of getting some explanation of this?

              I'm trying to move the login box under the "Advanced Search" portion of the navbar, but above the main content of the site, and I just can't seem to figure it out. I want to use the space that the login box currently occupies for ads. I see the "toplinks" div section in the header, and have tried to move this to several locations, but nothing I have done is working. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

              Here is an example of what I am trying to do:

              Click image for larger version

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                I'm also looking to move the toplinks and get my header back for logo only.

                Has anyone figured out how to do this yet?


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                  Originally posted by ascender View Post
                  I'm also looking to move the toplinks and get my header back for logo only.

                  Has anyone figured out how to do this yet?
                  I believe I have posted something like this for another user here but can''t remmeber the exact link. Nor do I have the time atm to look into it again. But if you check my post history or do a search in the forums you might come across that post.


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                    please look at my site It's not complete yet, but I am in the process of doing exactly what you're doing. Trying to move everything around and put the layout as you want it.

                    There are a multitude of important things you need to know:

                    Firstly, the header itself is made from 3 templates:
                    - header
                    - navbar
                    - and vbcms_navbar_link.

                    Not necessarily in that order.
                    It would seem from default they are executed in this order -> header -> vbcms_navbarlink -> navbar.

                    So the way I approached it was to put all the code from the header into the navbar templates, so I have it all to work with there.

                    You'll need to mess around with your own CSS in "additional.css" and change some of the stylevars, but it's possible. Just hard work. I'll try and put a larger explanation up here today.

                    The css that directly corresponds to all of the header settings is in "vb_chrome.css"


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                      If you put your login in the navbar. facebook connect wont work.

                      Try to push it down.
                      and the toplinks css(that hold the login part) is on absolute position.
                      you can define the top value as pixel value but it wont work in ie7.
                      so left the top:0; and margin-top:200px; for example to push it to the bottom of advance search.
                      by doing this you dont need to put the login in navbar.

                      I enever do this just for you to try.
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                        see my post on on how to achieve this. I cracked it.


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                          Originally posted by downloadsUK View Post
                          see my post on on how to achieve this. I cracked it.

                          Can you please provide a link?
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