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  • Opinion ..... please?

    OK ... I am new ... and HI!

    Time just does not permit a major trawl thru these threads yet ... so hard to do everything.

    We ( - please peek and comment if you have time) ....... have been live only a month. I have so far revamped all buttons, bg colors, header aspects and other oddments .... but ... where and how do I change the colors (or add bg image) for the forum table cells?????

    I cannot thus far find an easy way for this ... any quick pointers (template names etc) would be well appreciated.

    Also ... wanted to make some other font col changes too but some seem far too common .... ie. table and elsewhere seem same . and i wanted to alter them individually.

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    I answered a similar question by you in the feedback forum.

    To make your Category background cell an image do the following:

    ACB, go to your admin panel then go to style>modify>fonts/colors/etc> then under Category background color just use this:

    #FFFFFF" background="{imagesfolder}/yourimage.gif

    change yourimage.gif to whatever the image is that you made. Make it 25pixels high by 1pixel wide. you can change the #FFFFFF to your background color for your category background that way it atleast has a good color before the image loads. Also if people browse without images on then they will atleast get a good background color
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      My thanks indeed ... i'm fishing so .... ''putting it about'' ... just a bit!!!

      Much appreciated.