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Some help with various tricky bits?

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  • [vB4] Some help with various tricky bits?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm working on a test forum in order to get my forum's themes done before we upgrade the live board to 4.0

    While I'm getting along quite well with most of the new style system, some things are escaping me.

    This is one (warning: large image):

    I had to edit the template in order to get the cream-coloured background on the tabs, but I can't seem to get the headings right (i.e. where it says Basic Information). on the About Me page. Does anyone have any ideas?

    I know people don't normally have a contrasting background, but I really thing it looks nice and should be doable...!

    Also we have the same problem in Groups; I need to have a better look at this one, but anyone in the mean time?:

    Any help much appreciated.
    Co-administrator and license holder of The BBS

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    You would find the appropriate css (h1/h2?) for that area (in the profile.css template and the groups css template) that is for that area and add 'background: #xxxxxx' (using the appropriate hex code for the color you want)


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